Frequently Asked Questions


What is Sociogrid?
Sociogrid is a great new way to collaborate at work, which allows you to create networks and invites colleagues or business partners to join. Through Sociogrid, you enjoy closer interaction with the others.

How can Sociogrid benefits my business?
Sociogrid enables efficient documents sharing, close communication with your team, and boost productivity at work. If you may have specific requirements or business needs, please contact our customer service via


Can I decide if the networks I created are public or private?
To cater different situations, you may decide if the network is open to public or just for members within your company and business partners.

Can I join all the networks in Sociogrid?
For private networks, you may join through accepting network invitations.
For public networks, you may join them freely.

Can I invite my colleagues to join the company network?
You may send invitation to any colleagues in your company that using same email domain (e.g.

Can I invite business partner to join the company network?
For any primary company network, only email with same company domain is allowed. However, for any sub-network, there is no such restriction. You may create a sub-network for business partners outside your company network.

Can I switch between different networks?
Yes. You may choose from the network list and switch between networks easily.


What is “group”?
Group allows you to discuss specific matters under company network.
For example, you may work in ABC Company and working on a project. Then, you create a “group” for this project and invite others to join. The discussion inside the group will only be visible to those with access to that group.


Can I share files with the others on Sociogrid?
You can simply upload your file and then it will be available for all members in that particular network to download or comments.

What is iSafe?
iSafe is the storage supporter for Sociogrid. You can find all the files shared on Sociogrid in “iSafe” on the left toolbar. To know more about iSafe Cloud, click here.


Who can see my post?
If you post in the status box on your home page or personal profile page, it will be visible to everyone in network you are in.
If you post on a colleague’s personal profile page, it will also be visible to everyone in the network you both in.
If you post on group wall, it will be visible only to members with access to that group.

Who can delete posts?
Administrators of that particular network or group will be authorized to delete posts in the network or group. Users can also delete their own post by themselves.

Who can see my inbox messages?
The inbox message will be only visible to the recipient(s) for that particular message.

I joined more than one network; will my post in one network visible to all networks that I joined?
No. Only members with access to that particular network will be able to see your post.


Is Sociogrid works in all browsers?
Sociogrid supports most of the popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (7 or above) and Opera.

Can I use Sociogrid on my iPhone/iPad/iPod touch?
You may download Sociogrid mobile in App store.

Can I use Sociogrid on my Android phone?
You may download Sociogrid mobile in Android market.