What is Sociogrid?

With Sociogrid, the three key components of an organization, the people, the documents and business functions, are gathered together in one system for secure and private sharing. Allowing users follow information and groups plus share files and updates; Sociogrid is a great new way to collaborate at work.

  • Cloud-based Environment

    Stay connected to the secured community via the Intranet, Internet or mobile network.

  • Home (Feeds)

    View real-time feeds of everything happening in your company or simply your filtered items.

  • Profile

    Share your information and expertise with your colleagues and clients.

  • Networks

    Get to know whom you are connected with, and follow them at your own discretion.

  • Mailbox

    Want a secret talk? Send private inbox messages without worrying about viruses or spam.

  • Groups

    Form groups for team collaboration while ensuring a closed information flow within each group.

  • Document Sharing

    Share, comment and collaborate with users within and beyond your Sociogrid networks.

  • Security Controls

    Keep sensitive information safe by controlling and monitoring who sees what.

  • Mobile Support

    Be there for your coworkers wherever you go - Sociogrid works on all major mobile platforms.

  • Notifications

    Get instant email or sms notifications about critical events within your Sociogrid networks.

  • Module Marketplace

    Explore what modules you are using, and what else to add to further enhance your work life.